Archbishop Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg (1519-1540)

Archbishop Cardinal Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg, oil on vellum on mahogany wood, Albrecht Altdorfer (?), 1529, inv. no.: KHM 5636
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1468birth of Matthäus Lang in Augsburg.
1485-1493studies in the faculties of law in Ingolstadt, TĂĽbingen and Vienna.
1493 Lang enters the services of Emperor Maximilian I, whom he affords support for many years as counsellor and diplomat.
1512 nominated coadjutant of the prince archbishop of Salzburg. Thus he is not only the assistant of Leonhard von Keutschach, but also his guaranteed successor.
1515 Lang settles major points in the contracts of the Austrian-Hungarian double wedding. The death of the Hungarian king means the subsequent regency of the Habsburgs over the Bohemian and Hungarian sovereign lands.
1519 Matthäus celebrates his assumption of office as Prince Archbishop of Salzburg with an imperial procession and entry into the city.
1521 Lang travels as spiritual advisor of the Pope to the Imperial Diet at Worms, where he vehemently opposes the teachings of Luther.
1523 Salzburg burghers protest against Lang but without success. They are forced to renounce all their demanded rights, acknowledge the archbishop unconditionally as their civic ruler and bear the cost of the mercenaries.
1524 Lang issues the Stadt- und Polizeiordnung [City and Police Ordinance], specifying in detail the duties of the burghers. In the same year, the first Waldordnung [Forestry Ordinance] is issued for Salzburg. It aims primarily to secure the enormous requirement for wood in the mining industry.
1525 an uprising by the miners, rural population and burghers forces Matthäus Lang to flee to the castle. After his liberation by troops of the Swabian Alliance, he has to concede some of the rebels’ demands.
1526more unrest breaks out, because the archbishop does not keep his promises, but is rapidly crushed. Lang reacts by issuing the Landesordnung [Land Ordinance]. It is the first attempt at a modern codification of law in the archbishopric of Salzburg.
1532 mining is regulated with a new Bergwerksordnung [Mining Ordinance]. This is published in 1551 as one of the first printed books in Salzburg.

death of Matthäus Lang.



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