Numerous graphic works can be viewed on sliding panels
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The Residenzplatz, August Franz Heinrich von Naumann, ca. 1791
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A View of Baroque Salzburg


Scarcely any pictures of Salzburg from the seventeenth century exist. In the following hundred years, however, artists record the castles, palaces, churches, gardens and manorial estates created in the baroque era in a great many oil paintings and graphics. The motifs are usually idealised, as the primary aim is prestige rather than exact documentation.


Small Collection of Copper Engravings

Numerous series of copper engravings proudly manifest the architectural heritage of the prince archbishops and simultaneously proclaim their significance. The copper engravings can be copied relatively cheaply. Thus pictures once affordable exclusively to the aristocracy are now available to the new, educated middle class. The series are eventually sold on the tourist market.


The globe from the mid-eighteenth century symbolises the great importance of science in the university city of Salzburg.

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