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The Quest for the Salzburg Myth


Salzburg has changed a great deal since the end of the Baroque age and the dissolution of the clerical principality. The Federal Province of Salzburg today has around 520,000 inhabitants, 150,000 of them living in the city.
Salzburg remains a projection surface for historical clichés, individual fantasies and cultural dreams within the charged polarities of Romantic transcendence and commercial exploitation of the prince archbishops’ baroque heritage. The Salzburg myth lives on. But does it really live on everywhere?



The Salzburg Museum is showing the film The Quest for the Salzburg Myth, which looks at Salzburg from today’s perspective; durance 23:30 min

Actors: Kathrin Beck, Johannes Zeiler

Idea: Stefan Aglassinger, Peter Husty, Erich Marx

Script: Christian M. Fuchs

Visual consultant, research concept: Gerhard Plasser

Consultant: Dieter Bogner

Editor: Stefan Aglassinger

Production manager: Hans Jürgen Gökler

Director: Stefan Aglassinger

Produced by media&design|network

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