The Salzburg Panorama

Wenn Sie ins Bild klicken erhalten Sie eine vergrößterte Darstellung des Panoramas in zweifacher Länge

Johann Michael Sattler painted the cyclorama of the city of Salzburg and its environs between 1826 and 1829. He chose a sunny autumn afternoon at 4 o’clock, as all tower clocks and sundials indicate.

The picture is striking for its topographical exactness, above all in the built-up area of the city. All window axes, chimneys and roof forms of the buildings tally precisely with reality. On closer scrutiny we see a great number of people of different classes and occupations, busying themselves in all kinds of jobs. Only the landscape above the door opening is fictional; Sattler invented this, otherwise part of the city (Nonntal) would have been missed out in the area of the door (which was enlarged later).

If you click the screen you will get a reproduction of the panorama in twice its length; this also has a zooming option.

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