To 28 may 2017


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Di–So 9–17 Uhr

»I don’t belong anywhere any more!« 
Stefan Zweig’s »The Royal Game« – A story from Exile

Stefan Zweig moved to Salzburg in spring 1919. It was in this city that he came to world fame. However, in letters to friends he complained of Salzburg’s anti-Semitic atmosphere. Zweig made preparations to say farewell to Austria already in spring 1933, shortly after Hitler came to power. After his home was searched in February 1934, he left Salzburg and lived in England for six and a half years. 75 years ago, on 22 February 1942, he committed suicide in exile in Brazil. The exhibition revolves around Zweig’s last work, “The Royal Game”. The key location of the story is the former grand hotel “Métropole” in Vienna. In March 1938, it became the “Gestapo Headquarters in Vienna”, the site of cruel torture perpetrated on Nazi opponents. Black and white display cases are arranged around the model of the “Hotel Métropole” as on a chessboard. Photos, documents and texts provide information on Zweig’s novella and the history of the Viennese hotel. Also on display are a typescript of the story with Stefan Zweig’s handwritten corrections, first editions, and materials pertinent to “The Royal Game”, inter alia. The exhibition shows examples of his many different activities in the years of exile such as his friendship with Sigmund Freud, his collaboration with Richard Strauss, and Zweig’s commitment to a united Europe.
curators: Klemens Renoldner, design: Peter Karlhuber



Salzburg Museum