The Sattler family on their travelboat
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The panorama-pavilion in Hamburg
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The panorama was exhibited from 1875 to 1937 in this building in the Kurgarten next to Mirabell palace
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The History of the Panorama


Johann Michael Sattler (1786-1847)

The city of Salzburg panorama was initiated with the support of Emperor Francis I and begun in 1824 by Johann Michael Sattler with preparatory drawings from the castle viewpoint, opting for five different vantage points on the towers of the Hohensalzburg Castle. He began painting the panorama in 1825 – almost 26 metres in length – in a temporary art pavilion specially fabricated for the purpose in the courtyard of the Überacker'sches Haus (today Makartplatz 6). His assistants were the painters Friedrich Loos (landscape) and Johann Joseph Schindler (figural staffage).


Journey through Europe  (1829-1839)

After it was finished in 1829, Sattler exhibited his great panorama for several months on Makartplatz (then Hannibalplatz), then set off with his family for a ten-year tour of Europe. Most of the miles were covered in a house boat, together with his family and a carpenter.

The display of the Salzburg Panorama in Munich, Linz, Vienna, Brünn, Prague, Dresden, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Göteburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen, Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Frankfurt brought inestimable benefits for Salzburg’s reputation and the budding tourism trade.

Donation to the city of Stadt Salzburg (1870)

In 1870 Sattler’s son, Hubert, donated the panorama painting to the city of Salzburg, along with over 100 images from all over the world, so-called “cosmoramas”. Salzburg, in turn, had a pavillion built within the spa gardens of Mirabell Palace to exhibit them. By 1937 this pavilion was in a dilapidated state and had to be taken down The panorama was rolled up and stored in the old museum building. While in storage there, it was damaged during the air raid of October 16, 1944. After World War II it was stored in Salzburg’s fortress Hohensalzburg. In 1977 the city panorama moved to the Casino, which had just been erected on the Mönchsberg. In 2001 the panorama had to be removed again, when the Casino was demolished.

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