The Monatsschlössl on the Hellbrunner Berg
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Peasent furniture in the Folklore Museum
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Folklore Museum | Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn


The Monatsschlössl

The Hellbrunn Monatsschlössl – purportedly built within the period of one month as a hunting lodge for Archbishop Markus Sittikus (1612–1619) – has since 1924 housed the folklore exhibitions of the Salzburg Museum.


The Folklore Collection

The collection was founded in 1904 and provides a comprehensive view into traditional Salzburg folk culture, with exhibits documenting customs, folk piety, home living and folk medicine. One of the highlights of the Folklore Museum is the presentation of the finest examples of traditional dress typical of the Salzburg region’s districts.


Annual Special Exhibition

A special exhibition is held during the summer months with a different theme every year.


Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn
Tel.: +43-662-620808-500
Tel: +43-662-82 03 72-4921
Curator: Dr. Ernestine Hutter


Opening times
April - October

Re-opening in 2013: 23 March

Daily 10.00 am - 5.30 pm





Young people



Children(aged 6 to 15)





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