Reconstruction of the Romanesque cathedral (by Guido Friedl)
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Cathedral Excavations Museum | Residenzplatz


The Cathedral Excavations Museum under the Residenz- and Domplatz provides a view into building activities occurring since Roman times in the area of the present cathedral.


Roman Villa

A particularly impressive part of the show includes finds excavated from a Roman villa; archaeologists unearthed mosaics, wall sections, sewers, small objects, and a hypocaust system.


Foundations of the Romanesque Cathedral

Visitors can also see the foundations and above-ground wall sections of the west towers of the Romanesque cathedral extended in the late twelfth century under Archbishop Konrad III. Archbishop Wolf Dietrich (1587–1612) had this building demolished after a fire (1598). The present early baroque cathedral was consecrated in 1629.


Residenzplatz | Dombogen
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