The World of Children

WoDi on the trail (from the free booklet for children)
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In the Biedermeier Room, open exclusively for children
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Fun with WoDi


The World of Children in the Salzburg Museum in the Neue Residenz was financed by the Lions Club Salzburg out of the anniversary relief fund. The World of Children aims to make a visit to the museum interesting and diverting for children too, and offers youngsters all kinds of fun activities: games, drawing, trying things out, and active participation. The World of Children is actually a “museum in the museum”, which means there are secret entrances, inside views, and nooks and crannies and so forth that only children are able to access.


An impish wolf called WoDi

Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name’s Wolf Dietrich. But my friends call me WoDi. I’m called after the prince archbishop of Salzburg Wolf Dietrich. The Neue Residenz, in which today the Salzburg Museum is located, was built while Wolf Dietrich was archbishop. Wherever you find me, you can have some fun: games, drawing, trying things out, and joining in activities.


Children’s stations

Everywhere you see the WoDi symbol there’s a World of Children station. At one station you can ring the glockenspiel – the carillon bells – another time you have to try your skill and arrange two historic coats of arms into the right form like a puzzle, and other times you will just gaze in astonishment at what there is to see. Some stations like the Biedermeier room are closed to grown-ups – and on purpose. Because only children are allowed in!


Free children’s booklet

The children’s guide booklet includes every station and is full of puzzles, pictures and games instructions. The square booklet is practical in shape, is in German and English, and can be picked up at the ticket office. You can get a stamp for your WoDi booklet at each station and then of course take it home as a souvenir of your visit to the Salzburg Museum. Have fun!

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