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Neue Residenz | Säulenhalle

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Robert Jungk: World Citizen and Salsburgian


If you browse through contemporary documents for reports on Robert Jungk, you will find numerous characterisations and occupations such as futurologist, future thinker, science journalist or figurehead of the anti-nuclear movement. The total world circulation of his books has reached some million copies. Added to these are his diverse activities as a journalist, columnist, sought-after lecturer and director of many Future Workshops. [...more]


Salzburg Museum | Säulenhalle | Mozartplatz 1

1 March 2013 – 2 June 2013

Panorama Museum

The Trapp Family Singers with bus
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The Trapp Family. Reality and "Sound of Music"


The Salzburg Museum is presenting a special show starring the Trapp Family at the Panorama Museum. The exhibition compares the story of the Trapp Family with the media versions. Objects owned by the family, photos from private albums and loans from collectors and museums document their “real” life. Exhibition stations devoted to the German films (1956 and 1958), the musical (1959) and the Hollywood film version (1965) show what was made out of the story. The exhibition includes a total of more than 180 interactive photos and 100 original objects, some of which have never been shown to the public. [...more]

Panorama Museum | Residenzplatz 9

4 November 2011 â€“ 15 September 2013


Neue Residenz | Kunsthalle

Helmut Ditsch, Hafners late summer (morning), Oil on canvas, 2012, Helmut Ditsch ArtfactoryKlicken um Bild zu vergrößern

The Upper Tauern – Art and Alpine History


The exhibition is based on a topographical point of reference; only concrete mountain motifs from the Upper Tauern are on show. This is not a limiting factor; the most renowned representatives of the genre demonstrated their veneration for this core area of the Eastern Alps. It was truly the scene of summit meetings in every sense.

To provide a supporting background for the art, several Alpinist aspects are touched on – pioneering deeds from the history of exploration. This makes room for the human being as well, usually left out in classical mountain painting. A special section is devoted to historical mountain photography in the person of the Viennese photographer Dr. Karl Kaser. [...more]


Salzburg Museum | Kunsthalle | Mozartplatz 1

13 July â€“ 3 March 2013

Neue Residenz | First floor

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ARS SACRA - Art Treasures of the Middle Ages from the Salzburg Museum


Around eight hundred years of art are represented in the special exhibition “ARS SACRA – Art Treasures of the Middle Ages from the Salzburg Museum”, with more than 375 artefacts selected from nearly all the collections of the Salzburg Museum. The exhibition provides an overview of the art of the Middle Ages on 1000 square metres of floor space. Despite many losses through “modernisations” of later epochs, also through destruction in or as a consequence of wars, the collection of medieval art from Salzburg is still of major importance.

The exhibits are all taken exclusively from the Salzburg Museum collections: altars and sculptures, panel pictures, textiles and furniture, goldsmith tools, reliefs, coins, glass panes and books, jewellery, etc., also numerous discoveries from archaeological excavations. [...more]


Salzburg Museum | Neue Residenz | Mozartplatz 1 | First floor

17 December 2010 - 26 January 2014 


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