Henry Moore - The Egg

European Museum of the Year Award 2009 for the Salzburg Museum Neue Residenz


The European Museum of the Year Award, organised by the European Museum Forum, has celebrated its 32nd year with a Presentation Ceremony and associated activities based at various venues in Bursa, Turkey hosted by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The 2009 Awards were announced on Saturday 9 May, during a ceremony attended by more than 200 people from 25 European countries at the Club Altin Ceylan, followed by a Gala Dinner. The winners were announced by Dr Wim van der Weiden, Chairman of the Judging Committee and presented by Dr. Yilmaz representative of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Republic.

The results of the 2009 Awards are as follows:

The 2009 European Museum of the Year Award is given to Salzburg Museum, Salzburg, Austria. The museum reopened in 2007 in the ‘Neue Residenz’ built in 1600 for Archbishop Wolf Dietrich and situated in the old city centre. The building is protected and the architects have done a very good job in restoring and adapting it to museum purposes by integrating contemporary architectural elements. The museum management was closely involved in the planning of technical systems which incorporate sustainable lighting and cooling elements in the building. The museographical furniture as well as the audiovisual and electronic media is of a high quality and very creative, but modest at the same time. The storyline of the main permanent exhibition, ‘The Salzburg Myth’ is self-critical and courageous, whereas the rotating exhibitions of the ‘Salzburg Personalities’ that show nine out of 200 portraits of important citizens of Salzburg at a time, offer the visitor a variety of sensorial and intellectual experiences. The original concept of the ‘Children’s World’ consists not only of a mystery tour through the museum with special activity stations and a small publication, but also means that spaces only accessible by children have been created throughout the exhibition rooms. The museum management is very committed, and the highly-trained and motivated members of staff of the visitors’ service are particularly friendly and helpful. Our judges felt that this museum provides an excellent example of a package of qualities which are highly satisfying, both from a museological and users’ point of view.

Specially commended:

Archaeological Centre of Almoina, Valencia, Spain
Museum of Life Stories, Speicher, Switzerland
Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, Turkey


The Trophy: Henry Moore - The Egg

For the first Award Ceremony, Henry Moore made a suitable piece of sculpture available as permanent trophy for the Award.

The brass sculpture turned out to be ‘six and three-quarter inches high, without the base, and has etched in it the signature ‘Moore’ and the figures 7/9’.

In 1987 it was valued by Sotheby’s at £12,000, and EMF practice has been to require each winning museum, which keeps the trophy for a year, to insure it for the period it takes care of the trophy.

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