Mitglieder der Jury des EMYA 2009

Die Mitglieder der Jury nach der Preisverleihung in Bursa, ganz rechts der Vorsitzende Wim van der Weiden


THOMAS BRUNE: State Museum (Stuttgart, Germany)

MIKHAIL GNEDOVSKY: Director Cultural Policy Institute (Moscow, Russia)

ATLE FAYE: Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (Oslo, Norway)

JANE MORRIS: Editor, The Art Newspaper (London, United Kingdom)

MASSIMO NEGRI: EMF Director (Milan, Italy)

FRANÇOIS-XAVIER NEVE DE MÉVERGNIES: Université de Liège (Liège, Belgium)

ANN NICHOLLS: EMF Administrator (Bristol, United Kingdom)

VIRGIL STEFAN NITULESCU: General Secretariat of the Government of Romania (Bucharest, Romania)

ALEID RENSEN-OOSTING: Consultant and former director, Noorder Dierenpark (Emmen The Netherlands)

HERMANN SCHÄFER: Former Vice-Minister for Culture and Media in the Federal Government of Germany, now Consultant for Museums and Concepts, for Culture and Policy (Bonn, Germany)

WIM VAN DER WEIDEN: EMF Chairman, Former director, Naturalis, National Museum of Natural History (Den Haag, The Netherlands)

DANIÈLE WAGENER: Director, Museums of the City of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

JORGE WAGENSBERG: Director, Area of Science and the Environment of the Foundation "la Caixa" (Barcelona, Spain)

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