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26 JULY 2020 TO 31 OCTOBER 2021


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Props – An installation in dialogue with the artist John Bock

Neue Residenz – First floor

Film, diverse materials, objects, props and costumes

An installation by the artist John Bock is made into a site for his acquisitions and creative reinterpretation of Jedermann / Everyman.

The German artist John Bock is noted for developing enigmatic visual and theatrical concepts. Many of his works seem like views into a magical, anarchic and absurd cosmos, where Bock interweaves set pieces from different fields of art and life. For his work for the anniversary exhibition, he delves into the world of the Salzburg Jedermann. Bock collages figure, text, outfit and objects into a new set. Out of set pieces a new work emerges, which comments on and questions Jedermann as a phenomenon, steers it into new directions and takes it ad absurdum.


John Bock (born in 1965 in Gribbohm, Schleswig-Holstein) is based in Berlin. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and has taught since 2004 as professor of sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe.
John Bock is a sculptor, graphic artist, action artist, film maker and author. In many works he creates a surreal happening out of installation, videos and performances.


Salzburg Museum