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The Salzburg Museum Publishing House produces all the museum’s own printed works. These are mainly exhibition-related publications and the periodicals Das Kunstwerk des Monats (The Artwork of the Month) and – added from the former Salzburg Baroque Museum – the Barockberichte (Baroque Reports). But the publishing house also brings out freelance works such as the series Archäologie in Salzburg (Archaeology in Salzburg), as well as volumes on the Salzburg Carillon and the Salzburg painter and writer Georg Rendl. Special value is placed on coordinated cooperation to support the appearance of scholarly and profound works in book form; recently, for example, the double volume of Franz Lackner’s manuscript of Pinzgau folk songs published in partnership with the Salzburg Volksliedwerk. The decisive factor is the connection to the branches and collections of the Salzburg Museum.

The Salzburg Museum Publishing House has been existing in its present form since 2000 and publishes an average of six books a year. The publishing house performa all tasks, including the complete printing preliminaries: content, scheduling and cost planning, proof-reading, photography and illustration processing, layout and graphic design.

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