Your valid Salzburg Festival Ticket grants single entry to the anniversary exhibition at the Salzburg Museum.

26 JULY 2020 TO 31 OCTOBER 2021


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Tue–Su 9–17

The City as Stage – theatres and venues of the Salzburg Festival – An installation in dialogue with the artist Lionel Favre

Neue Residenz – First floor

Three models and artistically reinterpreted plans of Festival venues

The artist Lionel Favre reinterprets architectural plans of Festival halls and venues, infusing them with special moments from Festival history and everyday occurrences.

‘The City as Stage’ – this vision of the Festival founders was the launching stage for the history of the Salzburg Festival. During the last 100 years, the archiepiscopal Riding School and stables have evolved into the Haus for Mozart, the Felsenreitschule
and the Large Festival Hall. Together with the Domplatz / Cathedral Square and the Kollegienkirche / Collegiate Church, they form the central Festival District. In addition, there are other venues on both sides of the Salzach and even on the Perner-Insel in
Hallein. The Swiss-born artist Lionel Favre took inspiration from all these Festival sites. He drew moments of Festival history into plans of the Felsenreitschule, the Large Festival Hall and the House for Mozart. Favre has a vivid imagination and greatly relishes
humour; with these he infuses theatrical life into the historical plans, with stage figures and cosmoramas inspired by Mozart, Strauss and Goethe.


Lionel Favre (born in 1980 in Morges, Switzerland) is based in Vienna, Lausanne and Geneva. He studied from, 2003 to 2010 at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Franz Graf, Gunter Damisch and Daniel Richter and has
taught since 2004 at Atelier Hermès, a School of Interior Design in Geneva. Since 2006, Favre has been working as graphic artist on a long-term project, reinterpreting historical plans with his worlds of images.



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