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The Salzburg Museum is the museum of the history of art culture in Salzburg. Through the trusteeship of the Land and City of Salzburg, its founding in 1834, its institutions and exhibition history and its decades of fulfilling tasks in the spheres of collecting, research, education and communication, the Salzburg Museum represents the most all-embracing and multifaceted view of art and cultural history related to Salzburg from prehistoric times to the present day.

The nucleus of the Salzburg Museum consists in its collections containing comprehensive and high quality holdings in a total of fifteen departments (Applied Arts and Everyday Culture, Archaeology, Architecture, Library, Photography, Paintings, Graphics, Folklore, Historical Weaponry and Militaria, Coins, Musical Instruments, the Rossacher Collection, Sculpture, Toys). These form the foundation for the museum’s structure and its branches (Neue Residenz, Panorama Museum, Fortress Museum, Toy Museum, Folklore Museum, Cathedral Excavations Museum, Studiengebäude Alpenstraße).

In accordance with the statutes (coming into effect on 16 May 1996), the Salzburg Museum is committed on the one hand optimally to preserve its existing holdings, to engage in scientific work on them, to complement them in quality, to exhibit them, and on the other hand to continue its collecting activities with forward-looking responsibility for future generations. Thus, it is also a major objective of the Salzburg Museum to make its collections in future even more professional and attractive to the general public as a fount of knowledge and information.

Salzburg Museum