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On 13 March 2012, the executive management of the Salzburg Museum resolved the following regulations on the use of the Salzburg Museum Library and published them on the homepage www.salzburgmuseum.at. These Library Regulations came then into force with immediate effect.


§ 1 Type, Structure and Inventory of the Library

1) The Salzburg Museum Library is a public, academic and specialist library and includes the following main spheres of collection: history of art, cultural studies, archaeology, museum studies, history of music, numismatics, historical toys, folklore, the history of Salzburg, printed matter and media originating in Salzburg.

(2) As house library of the Salzburg Museum, it is a reference library and is situated in the building on Alpenstrasse 75 in Salzburg. Separate locations of reference books can be found in the facilities of the Specialist Departments.

(3) Its holdings include all information media acquired by the Library for the Museum’s own use in the context of the Museum’s agenda, and for study, research and further education. Among these are media owned by the Salzburg Museum and media made accessible for usage to the Library by a third party (legacies).

(4) Depositories are not part of the Library.

(5) Holdings:

1. Printed matter
2. Manuscripts
3. Sheet music and music documents
4. Theatre collection: theatre programmes
5. Newspaper cuttings collection: personalia, realia
6. Autographs
7. Obituaries
8. Obituary pictures
9. Posters
10. Sundry printed matter: flyers, visiting cards, invitations etc.
11. Legacies
12. Incunabula and early printed matter
13. Museum registry


§ 2 Tasks of the Library

(1) The Library shall primarily serve the agenda and requirements of the Salzburg Museum. It shall supply the Museum employees with books, periodicals (magazines, newspapers, serial printed matter etc.) and other information carriers, hereafter termed “media”, thus serve the scientific acquisition and creation of information and also exhibition activities.

(2) Furthermore, the Library shall be made available to other persons for scientific research, for professional and personal education such as local and oral history and genealogical research; for students preparing specialist papers for school-leaving examinations, and for researchers on Salzburg themes. Researchers shall hand in one specimen copy of their papers at the Library.


§ 3 Library Management

(1) The Executive Management of the Salzburg Museum shall preside over the Museum Library.

(2) The Management shall confer the Library Management to a specialised qualified person. This person shall be a qualified librarian or possess appropriate expertise in library management and studies. S/he shall be the superior over all Library employees and assistants.

(3) The Library Director shall inter alia be responsible for:

1. The proper and regular fulfilment of library tasks according to specialist library principles.'
2. The preparation of estimates for media acquisition, also media acquisition by purchase within the framework of acquisition guidelines and of the authorised budget estimate, or by exchange.
3. Cataloguing of all media according to principles of library management and studies.
4. Providing information to the Executive Museum Management on all fundamental issues.

(4) The Library Director shall assume outside representation of the Library in specialised library committees and boards.


§ 4 Acquisition Directives

(1) The Library shall purchase such media as are needed for the support and processing of the specialist orientations and collections represented in the Salzburg Museum. Moreover, media shall be purchased that are of significance for the Museum’s scientific, curatorial and organisational work.

(2) Suggestions for the acquisition of media may be made by all users. Suggestions for new acquisitions should contain fundamental bibliographic specifications.

(3) No purchases may be made independently by the Collection Directors and the Directors of the Specialist Departments of the Salzburg Museum.

(4) The Museum Library shall discard obsolete or unnecessary library material. The Library Director shall make the decision to discard material in consultation with the Museum Director.


§ 5 Library Services

(1)The Library shall fulfil its tasks specified in § 2 para. 1 and 2 by:

1. Providing media for use
2. Reserving catalogue and bibliographic information on information carriers.
3. Supplying information to users based on these information carriers. Media registers are not created based on individual request.
4. Giving instructions on information acquisition.

(2) The Library shall make its holdings accessible by means of catalogues that enable a formal and factual access to the media according to principles of library management and studies. The Library Management shall decide on the type of factual access in consultation with the Museum Management.

(3) If in a critical conservational condition, individual media may be excluded from any form of usage. It shall be up to the Library Director to make a decision in this regard.


§ 6 Use of the Library

(1) The Library provides media for use and also services. A distinction is made here between internal and external use.

(2) Internal use involves the Museum staff's right to use Library media and services inside and outside the Library facilities, but at any rate within the Museum building, meanwhile ensuring the reference character of the Library. Exceptions are permitted after consultation with the Library and Museum Managements only.

(3) External use involves other persons' right to use Library media and services exclusively within the Library facilities (reading room) as a reference library and under supervision by the Library staff. Exceptions are permitted after consultation with the Library and Museum Managements only.


§ 7 Reference Usage

(1) Every external user shall report before usage of the Library to the user service section in the reading room, fill in the user form and sign off again before leaving the Library.

(2) Bags and similar receptacles may not be brought into the Library reading room. They shall be kept in the cloakroom area.

(3) Food and drink may not be brought into the Library. Smoking shall be prohibited. Mobile phones shall be switched off.

(4) Quiet shall be maintained in the Library reading room.

(5) Print media may be copied at the Library-intern copy station or by means of cameras for the personal use of the users, as long as the state of the print medium permits this and the user service personnel has allowed it. A fee shall be charged for copying. Prices can be checked at the user service section. The total price shall be paid to the user service station, unless a different arrangement was made (e.g. payment by invoice). The user shall be liable for damage occurring when copying or photographing a medium.

(6) The authorisation according to § 8 (5) shall not include the right to publish copies or photos. This authorisation must be granted separately.

(7) All technical devices, especially IT devices, and all equipment and Library stock must be treated with utmost care. Any occurring errors or damage must be reported to the Library staff at once. The Library user shall be liable for any consequential damage caused by non-compliance with these rules.

(8) Only scientific and academic research supportive of studies shall be permitted at the IT stations.

(9) If there is reasonable suspicion that usage is not carried out according to regulations, the Library staff shall be permitted to perform checks. The Library staff shall be entitled within the provisions of these Library regulations to give instructions on use and behaviour and, if necessary, to demand to see an official identification. If requested, when leaving the Library, users must show the contents of unauthorised bags and other receptacles brought into the shelf or reading areas. Instructions of the Library staff must be complied with.

(10) Users are obliged to maintain copyright provisions.


§ 8 Opening Hours

(1) Opening hours shall be determined by the Library Director after consultation with the executive Museum Management. Opening and closing hours of the Library and its departments shall be announced on notice boards and communicated in corresponding electronic directories.

(2) The external use of the Library can in general only be permitted during the opening hours determined for the respective Library departments and after previous scheduling consultation with the Library staff. Admission to the Library facilities for external use outside service hours of the Library staff shall in principle be permitted only if accompanied by the continuous personal presence of a member of the Museum staff.

(3) The Library or parts of it can be closed if this is made imperative on important grounds.


§ 9 Liability, Compensation and Exclusion

(1) The Library shall not be liable for the loss or damage of objects brought by users into the Library or kept in the cloakroom area.

(2) Library media are to be treated with utmost care. Annotations, self-adhesive memory aids and damage of all kinds are prohibited.

(3) When borrowing media, users must in their own interest check them for their condition and report any damage or missing supplements to the Library staff. If any such report does not occur, it will be assumed that a medium was lent out in an impeccable and complete condition.

(4) Users shall be liable for damages with regard to media returned in a damaged or an incomplete state, lost, or not returned for other reasons, even if a personal fault cannot be established. Type and amount of the compensation due shall be determined by the Library Management.

(5) All information communication, instructions, instructions for use and other information to do with the Library shall be deemed issued without warranty of any kind. No claims can be made against the Library staff or against the Salzburg Museum as regards the performance of their duties.

(6) Users must be aware that in case of attempted or performed theft a charge shall be brought against them and a complaint lodged in case of damage.

(7) Users who infringe the provisions of the library regulations can be excluded from Library usage.

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